Ford F-Series truck thefts on the rise in Indianapolis

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All-New Ford F-350 Super DutyIndianapolis resident and Ford truck owner Jack Ragland doesn’t give up easily.

His truck was one of several Ford F-series trucks stolen over the past several weeks, Indianapolis police report.

Eight Ford trucks in all, including F-150, F-250 and F-350 pickups, have been taken when most of the vehicles were parked and locked, according to

Ragland has been looking for his pickup every day since it was stolen.

“We have driven 400-600 miles looking for our truck,” Ragland told “Kind of heartbreaking.”

Adding insult to injury, after one Hoosier’s 1999 F-250 was stolen he later saw it in a photo on Facebook where it was being used to steal another Ford pickup.

Ford’s F-Series pickups are the most popular trucks in the nation among consumers and thieves alike. Once stolen, they’re frequently stripped for their parts, including engines and catalytic converters.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau reported recently that Ford F-Series pickups were stolen more frequently by thieves in 2015 than any other truck. Nearly 30,000 trucks bearing the Big Blue Oval were snatched last year alone, making it the third most sought after vehicle by thieves in the U.S. behind the Honda Accord and Honda Civic respectively.