New 2017 off-road F-150 Raptor video released

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The 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor features six terrain modes designed to handle demanding terrains.The 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor features six terrain modes designed to handle demanding terrains.

Ford released a new video today highlighting the six terrain modes available on the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor.

A variety of scenes reveal Raptor in its element taking on mud, rocks, sand and snow.

Raptor’s terrain modes include normal, sport, weather, mud/sand, Baja and rock control.

Normal, like its title suggests, applies to normal on-road driving. Ford calls it, “a perfect balance of excitement, comfort and convenience.”

For spirited, on-road driving, sport mode “increases throttle response and provides a sportier steering feel, along with quicker shifting.” The transmission maintains gear settings longer for improved power band performance.

On-road snow and rain invite weather mode which automatically engages 4 Auto. “AdvanceTrac, throttle response and the shift schedule are optimized for greater confidence in slippery conditions,” Ford reports.

The mud/sand setting is designed to take on challenging off-road terrain. This mode engages 4 High and the electronic locking differential for driving over loose or soft ground. AdvanceTrac settings are designed to increase stability. To help with tough trails and obstacles, steering is set to comfort.

Rooster tails are bound to fly in Baja mode, which is designed for high-speed desert running. The truck is placed in 4 High where AdvanceTrac “is programmed to the least intrusive settings, and the throttle map is adjusted for more linear power and improved engine response to give the hardcore off-road driver greater control.” Better power band utilization is realized through faster transmission shifts and longer held gear settings.

Low speed rock crawl mode places the truck in 4 Low and engages the electronic locking differential while AdvanceTrac is also summoned to help take on the rocks. This mode maintains tight control over throttle and transmission responses. A front camera provides a view of the terrain for up to 15 mph.

Along with the individual AdvanceTrac settings tied to drive modes, Raptor continues the Ford Performance tradition of allowing the driver to program the system’s settings to match conditions and skill level. The driver can reduce traction control but keep stability control on with a single press of the electronic stability control button; or, by holding the button for five seconds, the driver can turn AdvanceTrac settings off.