1980s calling: Toyota custom cab doesn’t come cheap

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Updated Jul 1, 2016

For those old enough to remember like me, you’ll probably recall Toyota’s catchy 1980s “Oh, what a feeling…” slogan faster than you will this truck: a turbo-equipped 1986 Toyota Custom Cab 4×4.

You just don’t see these pickups every day and a seller on Craigslist knows it. Granted, it’s sort of a precursor freak to today’s popular crew cab, but still you just can’t help but stop, stare, wonder and appreciate the early effort at reaching out to a customer base that wanted a back seat in a compact pickup.

This time warp looks like it’s been pampered, from the turbo boost gauge mounted in the a-pillar trim to the pull-down, door mounted cup holders and the factory installed CD cassette stereo.

The nearly bullet-proof 22RE engine is mated with a 5-speed transmission. The odometer displays 104,381 miles. Two bench seats provide room for six (that’s with the stick shift).

In a licensing arrangement with Fabco, Toyota customers could opt for the custom cab for around an extra $5,000. This one posted on Craigslist in San Francisco is listed at $9,000.

(Photos: Craigslist)

1986 Toyota 1

1986 Toyota 2

1986 Toyota 3

1986 Toyota 4

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1986 Toyota 7

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