Pickup theft foiled by alert owner and son-in-law

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Pickup trucks are frequently targeted by thieves, but an Oregon man, thanks to some help from his son-in-law, was able to stop a would-be thief from stealing his truck.

Coos Bay resident Donald Messenger says some noises he heard late one night last week prompted him to go in his driveway and check on his Ford F-350. That’s when he confronted a man in the driver’s seat with a sledge hammer, according to kval.com.

“So I walked down by my truck and there’s somebody in it, in the driver’s seat, getting ready to hit the steering column again with a sledge hammer,” Messenger told kval.com. “So I started yelling at him, ‘Hey, get out of my truck!'”

The man in the truck first tried scaring Messenger off by saying that he had a gun, and then he attempted to run off. He didn’t get far, however, thanks to Messenger and his son-in-law, both of whom held the man down until authorities arrived to arrest him.

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