Do Ridgeline and Tacoma really go head-to-head?

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Updated May 26, 2016

[ click to enlarge + ][ click to enlarge + ]Honda’s incoming reincarnated Ridgeline pickup has been slotted to compete with Toyota’s Tacoma for Japanese mid-size truck supremacy, but parts retailers for both sides of the fight say comparisons between the two models are not easy to make. and argue that comparing Ridgeline to the new Tacoma – looking purely at specifications and capabilities – would likely lead to Tacoma being declared the winner, but both argue a comparison chart doesn’t quantify intangibles.

“The new Ridgeline is a truck unlike any other,” says Gib Goodrich, director at “A purely spec-based comparison doesn’t address the Ridgeline’s comfort, high quality interior, or competent road manners. You can’t put those specifications on a chart like this, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important.”

Tom Blackman at, says the the proof of victory is in Tacoma’s legacy.

“I appreciate that comparisons can’t be made on specs alone, but numbers matter,” he says. “For years, Honda Ridgeline enthusiasts have been saying ‘look at how nice our interior is’ or ‘don’t knock the Ridgeline’s ride and handling until you try it’, but the fact is that the Ridgeline wasn’t a sales success because it wasn’t very capable,” says Blackman.

Blackman argues that the Tacoma offers superior capability – particularly off-road – at a lower price point. While Goodrich hammers home Ridgeline’s comfort, interior quality and handling.

However, both concede that the Tacoma and Ridgeline are the two best options in a class that includes a resurgent Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon, and possibly a resurrected Ford Ranger.