SCA unveils new supercharger system for GM

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Updated Apr 4, 2016
SCA revealed its new supercharger system this week at the NADA Convention in Las Vegas.SCA revealed its new supercharger system this week at the NADA Convention in Las Vegas.

SCA Performance is unveiling a new supercharger system for a popular GM truck engine this week at the NADA Convention in Las Vegas.

The SCA 1900 positive displacement supercharger with Eaton TVS technology is available for the 2014-2016 GM 5.3-liter V8 engine.

“This new system, by itself, adds over 100 horsepower to factory spec with 20-inch wheels and 35-inch tires. Pretty incredible,” said Drew Kerley, SCA brand manager.

A performance data sheet provided by SCA reveals that the SCA 1900 supercharger generated 140 more horsepower over the 353-hp stock version of GM’s 5.3-liter engine. Torque shot up from 367.31 to 512.83 foot pounds, or an increase of 145 foot pounds.

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The SCA 1900 Supercharger is a twin vortices series with four-lobe rotors, aluminum intercooler, low temperature radiator and high capacity degas bottle.

The installed supercharger comes with SCA’s three-year, 36-month warranty.

While at the NADA convention, SCA will also be unveiling its 2016 Black Widow package for the Ford F-150.

“For 2016, we have updated the F-150 package to include an SCA exclusive front bumper, hood scoop, wheels, etc., which the package hasn’t had previously,” Kerley said.

Having Alabama’s only in-ground dynamometer has come in handy for SCA which offers various high-performance packages for Chevy, GMC and Ford trucks and Jeeps. The Black Widow package for the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado are popular builds for SCA.

“The GM version is more popular for us simply as a result of volume,” Kerley explained. “We have a bailment pool with GM, but not with Ford.  Consequently, we distribute about 115 units a month to GM dealers and about 20 units a month to Ford dealers.

“We are fully equipped to perform just about any engine modification. The exclusive component and tuning packages we offer are 50-state legal headers, intake, exhaust, tune upgrade that add right at 60 horsepower to factory spec.”

Sorry California…as large as the pickup market is in the Golden State, the SCA 1900 Supercharger is not legal for use there or other states that have the same stringent emissions requirements.

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