Russians produce amphibious four-wheel-drive

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The Russian-built Sherp rolls over rugged terrain and lakes.The Russian-built Sherp rolls over rugged terrain and lakes.

For $65,000, you could have a head-turning luxury truck, or one that goes from ripping out doughnuts in the dirt, to climbing over tough obstacles to splashing fearlessly into a lake.

The Russian-built amphibious Sherp four-wheel-drive features 63-inch tall, self-inflating tires that can roll over objects nearly 28 inches high. Roughly two feet of ground clearance helps it conquer terrain that stops other trucks.

The 44-hp 1.5-liter turbo diesel, paired up with a five-speed transmission, gets the vehicle up to 28 mph on land. Paddle tires propel it through the water at 3.7 mph, according to

A skid-steer system allows it turn on its own wheel base which may make carving out doughnuts a new Russian sport. It’s fun just watching the ATV tear up the terrain on YouTube (see below).

The Sherp weighs in at 2,866 pounds and measures 134 inches long, 99 inches wide and 91 inches tall. The interior accommodates up to four people. The Sherp is rated to carry up to 2,200 pounds.