Sheriff’s office swaps patrol cars for trucks

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Christmas came a little early for the the sheriff’s office in Polk County, Arkansas as the sheriff there announced this week that his office will be swapping out its Dodge Chargers for new trucks.

Sheriff Mike Godfrey said Tuesday night at the Polk County Quorum Court that trucks would be better suited to take on tough driving conditions that have beat up the Charger patrol cars, The Mena Star reports.

The low ground clearance of the Chargers has left them prone to being damaged on rough roads. The cars have also been damaged after striking possums and raccoons.

“We’ve replaced the fronts of most of the Chargers,” Godfrey informed the court.

The five Chargers, model years 2009-2013, will be phased out and replaced by four-door trucks. The make and model of the trucks were not specified. The sheriff’s office already has four trucks, some SUVs and Jeeps.

A seized property auction that brought in roughly $28,000 will be used to pay for one of the new trucks. Godfrey said the price of a truck is about the same as a Charger.