2016 Super Duties Get Factory LED Strobe Option

Click on image to watch video.Click on image to watch video.

Bright Idea: Ford offers factory-installed front/rear strobes for Super Duty pickups and cab-chassis models

Timing is everything.

Ford’s announcement today of a strobe option for the 2016 Super Duty line happens to fall on Morse Code Day, celebrating Samuel Morse’s birthdate in 1791.

Ford’s factory-installed strobe warning LED light kit ($700) for 2016 F-Series Super Duty pickup trucks and chassis cabs comes at the request of customers who require enhanced vehicle visibility from their vehicles.

The no-drill option LED strobes use brackets to attach to the rear of the hood and to the third brakelight so they are highly visible. They are wired into one of the four auxiliary switches on the Super Duty dash. 

Ford’s LED strobes are warrantied and not susceptible to corrosion issues that can be a result of poor aftermarket installation.

Ford’s LED strobe kit uses high-intentisty LEDs for maximum visibility.Ford’s LED strobe kit uses high-intentisty LEDs for maximum visibility.

The front- and rear-mounted amber-lens strobe lights meet applicable government regulations, can be seen up to 1,000 feet away during the day and up to a mile away at night.