How-To: Heavy Duty Winch/Bumper Installation

Updated Mar 20, 2015

Ram2500 Road Armor WinchWarn 12,000-lb. winch in Road Armor HD bumper give Ram work trucks maximum pulling power and front-end protection

by Bruce W. Smith

Two primary safety and convenience accessories every heavy-duty pickup used in or around construction work should have is a heavy-duty winch and front bumper.

The winch will pay for itself the first time it’s needed to pull a pickup or piece of equipment out of a stuck situation, and the bumper will serve as a ready pulling point and protect the front sheet metal and grille from small run-ins.

Making the proper selection of a winch is the first step.

Our choice for this particular installation on a 2010 Ram 2500HD is the M12000 from the Warn Heavy Weight Series winches that are designed for use in demanding situations from fire/rescue to construction/contracting work.

Alvin Bordelon installing Warn M12000 in Road Armor bumper.

The M12000 has the pulling muscle for any 4Ă—4 crew cab diesel.

For the bumper, well it’s tough to beat (or beat up!) the Road Armor Stealth bumper. Like the M12000, this bumper is stout and well-designed.

We left the installation in the hands of the professionals at Truck Supply & Outfitters in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, led by master Warn winch technician Alvin Bordelon.

The photo gallery below shows installation steps it takes to get a work truck set up to meet those unexpected off-pavement encounters that can cost time and money if you’re not prepared.

12,000-pound capacity Warn winch nestles nicely in Road Armor bumper on our 2010 Ram 2500 4x4.12,000-pound capacity Warn winch nestles nicely in Road Armor bumper on our 2010 Ram 2500 4x4.