Super Duty Gooseneck Install

Updated Feb 5, 2015

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How to install a B&W Turnover Ball gooseneck hitch on an F-250 Super Crew

Gooseneck trailers are superb for towing heavy loads, compact loaders and smaller equipment behind pickups. That’s because these types of trailers balance the tongue weight of a loaded trailer more evenly across the chassis than using the conventional on-the-ball method.

This setup greatly improves handling over a traditional tow-behind trailer setup – and without need of a weight-distributing hitch.

A gooseneck setup also allows you to avoid liability issues because it allows the pickup to tow the maximum while staying within the pickup manufacturer’s â€śproperly-equipped” requirements.

2015 Ford F-450 towing gooseneck trailer2015 Ford F-450 towing gooseneck trailer

Goosenecks hitch quickly, and when the towing chores are done the ball can be removed so the bed remains open for other uses.

In the case of B&W Hitches’ (; 800-248-6564) Turnover Ball setup, the ball is literally pulled out, turned over and dropped back into the hitch base after the trailer is dropped.

The Turnover Ball installation is one of the easiest on the market.

Start to finish takes less than 45 minutes with basic hand tools – even less if you have done one before.