Easy How-To: Ram 2500/3500 Sway-Bar End Link Repair

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BD Diesel Heavy-Duty End Link Installation

Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Cummins 4x4s take the abuse of off-pavement travel with relative ease.

But in severe-service uses, such as oil and gas field work, road building, surveying, powerline maintenance and other jobs where the terrain is both undulating and rugged, the 2000-2009 HDs have a weak spot: the sway-bar end-links. _BS26068

The links carry the full weight of the front suspension. When one wheel drops into a rut or rolls up over a rock, there’s a lot of pressure exerted on the front sway bar.

That pressure puts catastrophic wear and tear on the end-links, and over a short time they come apart.

A broken sway-bar end-link is a safety issue because it compromises handling–especially on pickups carrying a load or towing a trailer.

The easy fix: Replace the OE sway-bar end-links with BD Diesel Performance’s heavy-duty versions.

Installation takes less than 20 minutes on a hoist–and it should be a one-time job that lasts the life of the truck.