Happy Birthday, JC Whitney!

Automotive enthusiast’s greatest auto parts source celebrates 100 yearsJCWhitney catlog pages

If you are an automotive DIYer on almost any level, there’s one name that’s synonymous with parts and accessories: JC Whitney.

Back in the day every catalog we received in the mail was  read cover-to-cover by my grandfather, my father and myself, then placed in the top of the toolbox as the go-to parts source. We bought a lot of parts from JC Whitney.

If you couldn’t find the tool or part in their catalog to repair or hot-rod your car or truck , it probably wasn’t available.

This month JC Whitney turns 100.

To celebrate the milestone anniversary, JC Whiney has launched a dedicated centennial website (www.jcwhitney.com/100) as well as  year-long festivities that will include custom Jeep and truck projects and appearances at shows and events across the country, culminating at the 2015 SEMA Show.

Founded in 1915 by Israel Warshawsky on State Street in Chicago, the company is most famous for its JC Whitney catalogs that, since 1934, have provided the single best and most complete resources for automotive parts and accessories – while also serving as a true rite of automotive passage for tens of millions of enthusiasts and hobbyists.

Today, through the catalogs and its popular online site (JCWhitney.com), the company provides consumers with “everything automotive,” including more than six million automotive applications from the latest model year back to the 1920s, and over 1.2 million parts, from trucks to Jeeps to Modern Muscle and motorcycles – all at affordable prices and supported with expert, friendly customer service.

“What do I remember best about looking through the JC Whitney catalog? Dreaming about what I would do, if I only had that one special hobby car,” said Shane Evangelist, president of JC Whitney.

“Now that I am a part of the company, I am proud of our deep and lasting heritage. We’re humbled to have played a part in helping people get the parts they need, and in helping them create some of those dream cars. That’s why we want our fans to be a part of this centennial celebration, because it’s really all about thanking them for opening up their garage to us.”

Project Garage

JC Whitney starts the party with an open invitation to a custom build inside their garage.

To mark 100 years, the company is kicking off Project Garage to honor DIY’ers and shade-tree mechanics across America with the build out of two Jeeps and a truck.

Consumers are invited to visit the site, watch the build and send their ideas and inspiration.

Appearances Across America

From SEMA to the Woodward Dream Cruise, JC Whitney will be appearing at shows and events across the country to show off the project vehicles and share the celebration with enthusiasts.

Consumers can check out a full list of events on the100th Anniversary event calendar at www.jcwhitney.com/100 and are invited to share their favorite car event to be added to the list.

“100 years ago, Israel Warshawsky began a company to help get people back on the road,” continued Evangelist.

“Today, JC Whitney stays true to that mission, with the most comprehensive selection of parts in the world backed by dedicated and expert customer service. It has also grown up to be the company people use to make their cars run better, to look cooler and fit their personal style and imagination. I can’t think of a better way to ring in the next 100 years then returning the favor.”