Top 10 Articles of 2014

Updated Dec 11, 2014

Desktop screens HWTHard Working Trucks: 10 most popular articles for 2014

What do readers of HWT gravitate toward when they browse through the hundreds of articles we post each year? It’s a varied mix.

We used Google Analytics stats to rank the “most viewed” pickup-related articles since the start of 2014.

Here’s what we found to be the Top 10 reads thus far (click on related posts below to see the articles.):

  1. Understanding Axle Ratios
  2. SEMA Show Photo Galleries
  3. GM 1500 Battery Install 
  4. Double-Up
  5. 40 Hot New Products For 2015 Pickups
  6. Snow Tires
  7. Duramax 2.8L Diesel
  8. 2015 F-150 A New Era Arrives
  9. 2014 Special Edition Duck Commander Chevy Silverado
  10. Grabber Tire Review