2015 Ram 700: Make a run for the border to get this new small pickup

Updated Nov 16, 2014

The Fun Trucks Friday team, in our on-highway wanderings, often pass a convoy of older model pickup trucks bought at a recent auction, and headed south. We’d always assumed, because of the Hispanic drivers at the wheel, these were bargains headed to Mexico. But now we have to wonder: Why come to the U.S. to buy junk when you can get a sharp new truck in Mexico that’s not even available to norteamericanos?

Amigos, we introduce the Ram 700, a new compact pickup now available in Mexico and other Latin American markets.

Reportedly based on the Fiat Strada, its 1.6 liter engine is no bigger than some motorcycle motors these days, but the 115 horses delivered to the front wheels can handle the 700’s 1,500-lb. payload capacity (26 sq-ft. of cargo space in the back).

And we don’t know of any motorcycles that include a club cab as an option. (No doubt some FTF reader will prove of us wrong on that, and we can’t wait for the photos.)

Prices start at 182,900 pesos, or $13,600 U.S., according to the official Ram 700 Mexico page.

We’ve highlighted previously other noteworthy pickups not available in the U.S., and rumors regularly float around that American brands are considering a return to the small truck market, but …  .

Until then, anyone else up for a run to the border?