Polaris Unveils Ultimate Off-Road Truck

Updated Oct 22, 2014

Polaris DAGOR Ready For Deployment

It’s the size of a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited sporting the suspension of an off-road Trophy Truck, has a curb weight of 4,500 pounds, a payload capacity of 3,250 pounds, seats four but can carry eight, and is powered by a turbo-diesel. 

It’s called the DAGOR, and is the latest vehicle coming out of Polaris Industries’ defense division

Dubbed by many as the “21st Century Jeep,” the DAGOR, is light, fast and “inexpensive” according to military sources who have seen it being demonstrated. The DAGOR is priced at $149,000.

This Ultra Light Combat Vehicle (UCLV), which is designed to be air-dropped into combat zones, can carry an infantry squad and all their gear over the roughest of terrain. 

Polaris Industries’ DAGOR could be the next Hummer. It’s just started production for military use.(Polaris)Polaris Industries’ DAGOR could be the next Hummer. It’s just started production for military use.(Polaris)

Most of the components that make up the DAGOR include readily available commercial off the shelf (COTS) components so parts can be easily accessed anywhere around the world. It’s a requirement for most military vehicle contracts.

The diesel engine, which can run on either diesel or JP8 and gives Polaris’ UCLV a range of 500 miles, also falls under the COTS umbrella.

Although Polairs has yet to reveal any details of the engine or drivetrain, rival Boeing’s Phantom Badger uses the  240hp Fiat turbo-diesel as found in the Jeep Cherokee and Ram 1500.

Polaris has started limited production of DAGORS,which are being being built by Livonia, Mich.-based Roush Industries Inc. They will be in the first customers hands by November. 

But it’s not headed to civilian hands like the Hummer of old. At least not yet.