Fun Trucks Friday: GM to chase Ford’s Raptor with a mid-size model?

Updated Jul 21, 2014

Is GM finally going to take on the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor in the U.S. market?

First, the staff here at Fun Trucks Friday is platform agnostic; that means we don’t play favorites when it comes to our news coverage of the various hard working truck brands.

But we can’t deny that at least one of us has a GMC in the driveway, and wouldn’t mind one bit if he could kick the tires on a factory upgraded pickup with the performance potential of the very successful Raptor.

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So it was interesting news indeed when GM Authority teased that “sources” at The General are dropping hints that the new lineup of mid-size pickups would include a variant suitable for fast treks across the desert.

And that, it seems, would be something very much like the Chevy Colorado Rally Concept, a globally-hyped pickup that never got off the drawing board in the good ol’ USofA.

That one was powered by a torquey 2.8-liter turbodiesel and featured an off-road suitable suspension, roll bar, bumper-integrated winch, custom box and tool kit, running boards, etc.

We can hope, can’t we?

(The FTF staff clearly likes to write about the Raptor, as a quick search shows – and that also reminded us of a third-party Chevy-based Raptor hunter.)