2015 Ford Rangers Testing In Colorado

Updated Jul 20, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 8.49.39 AMNextGen Ford Rangers Caught Testing In Colorado

One never knows what cool things you might see while driving the highways in Colorado. The scenery west of Denver is breath-taking. 

But there’re obviously other cool sights to see if you pay attention like the spy photographers from KGP Photography do when they’re out and about.

A story in SEMA eNews shows  KGP photos of semi-camo’d prototype “global” Ford Rangers going through what is most likely high-altitude performance and trailering testing.

These next-generation Rangers will be hitting the world market soon.

Blue Oval U.S. showrooms won’t be as fortunate,  at least in the near future, as Ford engineering teams are concentrating on the launch of the 2015 aluminum-body F-150 and heavily-revamped 2015 Super Duties.

We don’t expect the next-gen Rangers to be here until 2016.