Chevrolet Silverado Family Named Lowest Cost-to-Own Pickups

Updated Apr 6, 2014

Chevrolet Named Best Value Truck Brand In America; Silverado Lowest Cost-to-Own 

Chevrolet is the Best Value Truck Brand in America, according to data analysis firmVincentric, which also named the Silverado 2500HD a Best Value in America.

Chevy Silverado’s garner award for the lowest cost-of-ownership in full-size trucks.Chevy Silverado’s garner award for the lowest cost-of-ownership in full-size trucks.

Vincntric says the Silverado family has the lowest cost-of-owenrship of any full-size pickups.

Vincentric analyzes a vehicle’s cost-of-ownership through eight different measures: depreciation, fees and taxes, financing, fuel, insurance, maintenance, opportunity cost, and repairs.

Vincentric awards the Best Value in America Award using an analysis comparing ownership costs to a vehicle’s market price.

“With the average age of trucks on the road now more than 11 years, we know that customers hold on to their trucks for a long time,” said John Fitzpatrick, Silverado marketing manager.

“With the lowest cost of ownership of any full-size truck in the segment, the Silverado makes it easiest on our customers to do so.”

Said David Wurster, president of Vincentric: “Our statistical analysis used over 1,000 pickup truck configurations to identify the best value truck line in the United States.

“We found that Chevrolet trucks cost less to own and operate than would be expected, providing great value to truck buyers. Chevrolet and the Silverado have a long history of providing high-value trucks, and the 2014 offerings continue this heritage.”