Aurtronic Transmission Fate Rests On Funding

Updated Mar 23, 2014

AVOTRONICS POWERTRAINAurtronic Automatic’s Fate Rests In Hands of Investors

Another addition to automotive history may be closer to relization if a new type of transmission called the Aurtronic gets funding to move from the test bench to the pre-production phase according to a press release from Ohio-based Avotronics Powertrain

The Patented Hybrid Transmission employs a planetary gear system instead of conventional gears and clutch packs that have been used in automatic transmissions for decades. 

Avotronics says their Aurtronic Transmission is an upgrade from an automatic system and is designed to do 3 things:

  • Increases Fuel Economy
  • Lower Harmful Emissions
  • Improve Vehicle Drive Performance

No more expensive than a standard automatic transmission, the system was patented in 2013 and can be integrated as a retrofit into sedans, SUVs, trucks mini and full size vans.

The company says more than 10,000 man hours and $1000s have gone into refining the design and developing a prototype of the Aurtronic Transmission.

The crowd funding campaign, which Avotronics hopes to raise between $3MM-$5MM, will provide the funding for the pre-production phase, in which the transmission will be tested on a dynamometer. Then it will be developed for beta pre-launch and demonstrated in pilot client vehicles and pre-production full launch system reviews will be conducted. 

To learn more, view the campaign & contribute to a piece of automotive history, go to: