Potential of VW truck may hinge on success of new GM trucks

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Updated Mar 23, 2014

General Motors isn’t the only one that will be closely monitoring sales of its refreshed Canyon and Colorado midsize trucks.

Volkswagen could use the market’s reception for the 2015 models as a spring board back into the U.S. truck market. Volkswagen has set a goal of becoming the largest automaker in the world by 2018 and without a truck in the U.S. market, that goal will be a challenge. 

VW has already shown some of its cards in the plan by making a play for the shares of Scania the company doesn’t already own. 

VW’s North American CEO Michael Horn recently told Autoblog that the automaker is reevaluating its truck strategy. Sales of the midsize Canyon and Colorado are likely to play a role in VW’s decision to enter – or stay out of – the marketplace since VW lacks a full size truck.

However, if VW does roll a truck on American roadways, don’t expect it to be the Amarok, at least one without a lot of tweaking. Horn says that truck is too small for the U.S. drivers and that a launch of a North American truck would take reworking the company’s truck strategy. 

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