Fun In The Snow: Cold-Weather Testing the 2015 F-150

Updated Mar 10, 2014

F-150 in snow

Winter Testing The 2015 F-150

If you thought there weren’t many cool automotive jobs in the world, then you haven’t heard what the engineers and driving dynamics folks at Ford do. 

While much of the nation remains socked in by wave-after-wave of snow and cold, there’s one group of engineers at Ford that couldn’t do their jobs without it – the cold weather testers. 

Up in Northern Michigan Ford engineering teams have been putting the all-new 2015 Ford F-150 through a variety of grueling, torturous and treacherous off-road tests in some of the state’s deepest snow packs. 

And let’s face it – they’re probably having a blast while they’re doing it. 

Ford says their testing will ensure that the truck holds up under severe climates and that their safety and stability systems help keep the driver in control.

Here’s little video from Ford that gives both a look at what goes into winter testing — and how fun the aluminum-bodied F-150 is to drive when you have a big winter playground at your disposal…

F-150 snow video