Reader reaction: How does Cummins fit in Ram/Fiat deal?

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In October, Cummins announced the launch of a new new 5-liter V8 diesel engine designed to power pickup-and-delivery vehicles, other light- and medium-duty trucks, school buses and motorhomes.

The move came as a surprise to no one as Nissan had already announced plans to use a 5 liter Cummins engine in its next generation of Titan pickups. 

At the time of the announcement, commenter Kyle Stand said the engine had at least one other attractive application. 

“Think that would look good in a Ram 1/2 ton pickup,” he said. 

Steve NJ echoed those sentiments. 

“Agreed! I wish the American auto makers had been doing this kind of forward thinking for the last 30 years!! A decent, hard-working 1500 that’s able to get a true 30 mpg is a dream!”

Kyle Stan wasn’t so quick to lay responsibility on the American auto makers.

“Actually Steve it is the politicians and know-nothing automotive press. In NYS Gov Cuomo wanted to ban Diesel engines, and since the first ‘gas crisis’ of the 70s have done nothing but road block engine technology. If race cars can run on 100 percent methanol, why is it cars on the road cannot run the same? In the 70s companies that were involved with propane converted fleets to run on propane, then switched back to conventional fuels because government controls made propane expensive.”

And when Chrysler was swallowed by Fiat last month, Steve NJ conceded the engine may never see its way into the Ram lineup. 

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“Since Ram is now a subsidiary of Fiat, they will no longer be using Cummins engines. Instead Fiat plans to use its diesel engines in Ram trucks! The first truck scheduled to use this Cummins 5.0 is the new Nissan or Toyota truck.”

Kyle Stan still hold out hope. 

“Fiat might change their minds if their Diesel does not do well. Give it two or three years and Fiat might be in financial trouble again, thus changing everything once again.”