Infographic: the (car) war between the states

Which region of the United States is more partial to pickup trucks, and which prefers small hybrids? This graphic lays out the geography of vehicle preferences.

“Known as the truck belt in America, the data reveals Southern shoppers are more likely to consider RAM models than shoppers from any other U.S. region,” said Karl Brauer, senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book.  “While Southerners are drawn to the ruggedness and durability the RAM truck brand offers, they also are more likely to shop for a traditional luxury brand like Infiniti than shoppers from other parts of the country due to its headquarters in Tennessee.”

Although the domestic automakers have very low market penetration in the West, both Chrysler and Buick resonate with Midwestern shoppers more than in any other region, due to brand loyalty and their overall support for the American brands.  Midwestern new-car shoppers are 64 percent and 53 percent more likely to consider Chrysler and Buick, respectively. 

While Midwesterners are more likely to shop for domestic, non-luxury brands, they are least likely to shop for import luxury brands, such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, and all compact luxury cars.

In addition, the data revealed major differences in the popular and unpopular segments for each U.S. region, which is similar to the data results for the auto brands.

“It seems what is popular in one region is overlooked in another,” says Arthur Henry, analyst at Kelley Blue Book.  “Westerners prefer fuel-efficient brands with style, such as Tesla and Scion, but those same brands are shunned in the South and Northeast.  Those living in the South gravitate toward brands that are manufactured in the same region.  Shoppers from the Midwest also have an affinity for brands headquartered or produced in their own backyard.”