Special Forces Ford Raptors


Operation Raptor: Husky Liners Joins Special Ford Raptor Tour



Husky Liners is helping support a special charity tour program called “Operation Raptor” through their sponsorship of a 2013 black Ford Raptor SuperCrew designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Navy SEALs.

Operation Raptor was conceived in 2005 by Randy Hayes and Nix White, SEAL (retired) to raise awareness for the ongoing needs of the critically injured Special Forces community and for all active duty veterans and their families.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to support this important cause. It is the least we could do as a company to help spread awareness of the ongoing needs of veterans in all branches of the military – and what a great way to connect and show our support through the sponsorship of a truck,” commented Bob Tyler, president of Husky Liners.

The Husky Liners Navy SEAL Raptor is the first of six custom Raptors that was released at Ford World Headquarters in November 2013.

The Operation Raptor F-150s have been airbrushed to give a historical snapshot of the Navy SEALs.The Operation Raptor F-150s have been airbrushed to give a historical snapshot of the Navy SEALs and Special Forces.

The Special Forces Raptors will tour across the country during 2014-2015 employing critically injured Special Forces Veterans who will interact with the public, explaining their service and the obstacles they face as critically injured disabled veterans.

The themes will honor each of the five Special Forces Units:

  • Navy SEALs
  • Army Special Forces
  • Army SOAR (Special Operations Aviation Regiment)
  • Air Force Commandos
  • MARSOC:  Marine Corps Special Operations Command
  • Special Forces K-9s

All six Raptors will be auctioned off after the last tour date in 2015 at Barrett-Jackson. Donations that are made to the program benefit charities that support each part of the Special Forces:

  • Green Beret Charitable Trust
  • MARSOC Foundation
  • Air Force Commando’s Association
  • Phoenix Patriot Foundation
  • Warrior Dog Foundation

The Husky Liners Navy SEAL Raptor was airbrushed by artist Mickey Harris and is covered with images that chronicle the Navy SEALs in combat dating back 70 years to WWII.

It took two full months to airbrush the scenes on the Raptor and all of the airbrushing has been created from actual historical photos.

“If you start from the driver’s front fender and walk counterclockwise around the truck you’ll see a historic timeline from World War 2 through the Korean War in the 50s, the Vietnam War in the 60s and early 70s to Panama, Grenada, Desert Storm, the Iraqi War and the Afghanistan conflict,” said Randy Hayes, president and founder of America’s Fallen Heroes, the organization responsible for the Navy SEALs Raptor project.

The Husky Liners Navy SEAL Raptor will tour across the country raising awareness and funds for critically injured Special Forces Operators. Below is a list of upcoming events:

  • December 6: MLB Corporate Office visit  /  NFL Corporate Office Visit
  • December 18:  Ford Kansas City, MO plant
  • December 19: Ft Riley, Kansas / Dick Edwards Ford Dealership
  • December 20: B&W Trailer Hitch and Husky Liners plant
  • January 1: Rose Bowl
  • January 5: San Diego Coronado Island
  • January 6: BCS championship
  • January 7-8: Ford Dealership Los Angeles
  • January 9: San Diego
  • January 11-17: Shot Show, Las Vegas
  • January 18-19: Barrett Jackson, Scottsdale
  • January 21-26: Detroit Auto Show

The donations made from the tour of this specific Raptor and the auction will help benefit critically injured veterans, like Bo Reichenbach.

He is a U.S. Navy SEAL who was injured in the line of duty in July 2012. Reichenbach, 25, is a double-leg amputee and is currently receiving treatment at the Walter Reed Medical Center. He is married with a 5-year-old son.

Visit www.operationraptor.com for more information or to learn how to donate.