Cummins Takes Wraps Off 5.0L V-8

Updated Jan 12, 2015

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by Bruce W. Smith

Cummins literally pulled the curtain back on their newest engine offering today: the ISV5.0 that will be going under the hoods of the next generation Nissan Titans.

However,company execs say the 275hp version of the engine will show up first in buses, step vans, and medium-duty trucks.

Then A 300hp version will then hit the streets in the pickups, probably 2015 model-year Titans.

The 90-degree V-8 in the truck, RV and vans is rated at 275hp@ 3200rpm; 560 lb-ft @1600rpm.

Cummins was less forthcoming on the actual Titan version’s numbers other than “it’ll be somewhere around 300hp and 550+ lb./ft.”

Engine highlights: aluminum heads; CGI block, 90-deg V; forged steel crank; dual overhead cams; chain driven cams and pump; centered injectors; highest speed range in Cummins portfolio; VGT turbo scaled down for the V8; Bosch High pressure common rail (29,000psi).

Mike Taylor, Director, Customer Engineering, says the ISV5.0 will get 20-40% better mpg than comparable gas engine, but wouldn’t give any specifics.

The ISV5.0 is very quiet as I noticed when walking around an array of medium-duty trucks, a school bus and an RV with the 5.0Ls tucked neatly into their engine bays.

Where are the Nissan Titans? We saw a trio of “test mules” make a tease pass before they were secreted back behind closed doors.

Cummins says we’ll have to wait for Nissan to show off the new diesel in the pickups. That will probably mid-next year as the Nissan Titans gear up for 2015 introductions.

Cummins plans on production of the ISV5.0 to begin in the fall of 2014.

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