2014 CNG F-150 Conversion

CNG F150 1

Venchurs Tasked With 2014 F-15 CNG Conversions

Michigan ship-thru facilities integrate with the Ford assembly plants for QVM conversions with full factory warranty support


Venchurs Vehicle Systems (VVS) is now an official ship-thru facility for 2014 Ford F-150s being converted to run on CNG.

The announcement comes on the heels of Ford’s introduction of the gaseous-prep engine for the 3.7L F-150, enabling VVS to offer CNG conversions for the light truck model.

Venchurs’ strategic relationship with Ford as a Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) allows VVS to offer dedicated and bi-fuel conversions that retain the full Ford warranty and can be financed through Ford Credit.

“We are the first QVM to have ship-thru available for the F-150, which makes ordering easier and less expensive for our dealers and customers,” says Jeff Wyatt, CEO of Venchurs.

With ship-thru installation, Venchurs receives the vehicles directly from the Ford assembly plants. Venchurs then completes the CNG conversion and the truck re-enters the Ford system for direct delivery to dealerships.

VVS also offers a drop ship option, meaning rather than re-entering the Ford system, the converted truck can be sent directly to the customer.

Companies that are interested in adding CNG vehicles to their fleets are invited to apply for Venchurs’ short term loaner program, where they can put the converted vehicles to the test.

For additional information, please visit www.VenchursCNG.com or call 855-264-4300.