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Updated Jan 6, 2014

Strattec Security: BOLT LOCKS



If you drive a truck, haul gear or pull a trailer, then the BOLT Series of locks is for you. That’s the security system found on ProPickup’s Surveyor 1 sweepstakes project Ram 2500’s bed shell. The truck’s ignition key fits all the doors, tailgate – and all the A.R.E. bed shell’s doors.

The BOLT Series of locks lets you set all your truck, trailer and equipment locks to work with one key – your ignition key!

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Simply insert the truck’s ignition key into the BOLT lock, turn it once and the lock mechanically and permanently learns the key code. But convenience isn’t their only benefit.

BOLT locks are made by STRATTEC, the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive locks and keys, and the main OE lock supplier for Ford, GM and Chrysler.

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STRATTEC SECURITY CORPORATION, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is one of the world’s largest producer of automotive locks and keys.

STRATTEC designs, develops, manufactures and markets mechanical locks, electronically enhanced locks and keys, and ignition lock housings; access control products, including latches, power sliding door systems, power lift gate systems, power deck lid systems, door handles and related access control products for North American and global automotive customers.

STRATTEC ships products to customer locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America, Korea and China, and provides full service aftermarket support. STRATTEC also supplies products for the heavy truck and recreational vehicle markets, as well as precision die castings.

Formerly a division of Briggs & Stratton, STRATTEC’s heritage goes back over 100 years to the early days of the automobile. Our long-term success is a result of our dedication to serving our customers and continuously improving our processes and product quality. Today, STRATTEC approaches business on a global basis, establishing strategic partnerships around the world.


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