Spectrum Oil Containers

Trico Launches New Line of Oil Containers

Spectrum Oil Containers is a new product providing an error-free solution to identify, store, transport, and dispense lubricants in a wide variety of applications. The products are built with high density polyethylene to withstand hostile environments. The containers have a wide opening for no spill-filling and are available in 2, 3, and 4 gallon sizes. They are semi-transparent with molded volume markings in gallons and liters. Three handles with contoured finger grips provide a secure hold.family

Lids are available in four different styles depending on the application. A Buna-N O-ring seals lubricants from the external environment. The nozzles contain textured areas that provide a slip-resistant grip.

The Spectrum Oil Containers keep lubricants free from dust, dirt, water, and other machine-damaging contaminants. They also reduce the risk of lubricant misapplication. They promote a fully integrated visual lubrication management system, using color-coded lids and a writable “contents” label to identify lubricant type.