Buyers Products Warning Strobes

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Buyers Products Emergency Strobes


Warning lights are a necessity on any vehicle that is working around jobsites or where there’s traffic.

Buyer’s Products understands those needs and offers a wide-array of emergency beacons and LED strobes.

So we went to Buyers Products to equip our Mobil Delvac Surveyor 1 Ram 2500HD with warning lights that would let drivers and equipment operators know the truck is in the area.

The primary lights are Buyers’ new 5″ 12 LED high-enegry strobes in both amber and clear strobe heads that have the following features:

  • 12 High power LEDsBuyers strobe warning ligts
  • 5″ Black die cast aluminum base
  • 23 Selectable flash patterns
  • Can be wired for synchronized or alternating flash with these additional LED strobes: 8891215-8891501
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Meets SAE J845 Class 1 & California Title 13
  • 12-24VDC, 2.2 Amps
  • 5.25″L x 2.00″W x .70″H
  • Convert to recessed light with optional 8891705
  • Fasteners and gasket included

We are also using a roof-mounted 24″ LED Light Bar  with amber strobe heads. The lightweight, low-profile, waterproof unit that can be removed/used as needed.

Buyers pre-wired 6-switch box saves valuable time in wiring lights and accessories.Buyers pre-wired 6-switch box saves valuable time in wiring lights and accessories.

It features:

  • Modular design for simple strobe upgrades.
  • Standard with amber strobes.  Can be customized by adding blue, clear or red strobe heads.
  • SAE J595 & J845 Class 1 rated.
  • Forward facing strobes have 3-LED reflector heads.
  • 5-Year warranty.

(RIGHT) All of our project truck’s lights are controlled thru Buyers’ pre-wired, heavy duty rocker-type  switch box that is mounted on the floor in front of the Ram’s center console.