Handy Hand Cleaner Dispenser

Permatex poly500

Permatex’s Handy Cleaner

Poly 500 Revolution delivers the perfect amount of  Grease Grabber Hand Cleaner every time


Making multiple trips to the hand cleaner dispenser is a normal routine for all shop mechanics and field service techs.

Now Permatex has a sturdy, convenient, economical solution to provide just the right amount every time in a secure container: The Poly 500 Revolution.

It’s a metered dispenser for use with 4 lb. tubs of Permatex Grease Grabber Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner.

The dispenser is a space-saving economic solution for maximizing hand cleaner usage.

Grease Grabber Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner is a powerful paste-style hand cleaner that contains no harsh solvents. It utilizes soft poly-scrubbers and a special blend of detergents to remove tough soils.

Grease Grabber is also fortified with soothing emollients that moisturize and prevent hard-working hands from drying and cracking.

Grease Grabber comes in two scents, Lemon Lime and Coconut. In addition to the 4 lb. tubs, Grease Grabber is also available in a 12 oz. tub.

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