Champion Blue Flame 5W-30 Synthetic

5w-30 Blue Flame CJ-4 5 Gallon

Champion Launches Blue FlameĀ® SAE 5W-30 API CJ-4 Diesel Motor Oil


Champion Oil, a globally recognized industry leader in specialty lubricant blending and manufacturing for over five decades, has recently announced a new premium SAE 5W-30 Blue FlameĀ® API-CJ4 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Motor Oil.

Backed by global certifications and a battery of extreme field and bench tests, Championā€™s robust formula provides the same level of engine protection as leading SAE 15W-40 HD Motor Oils, but with MORE end user benefits.

Championā€™s new SAE 5W-30 Heavy Duty Diesel Motor Oil meets or exceeds the following OEM diesel specifications.


ACEA 2010


E6-08 Issue 2, E7-08 Issue 2, E9-08 Issue 2

Daimler MB 228.51, 228.31
MAN M3477, M3271-1
MTU Type 3.1
Volvo VDS-4, VDS-3, CNG
Renault Trucks RXD, RLD-3, RLD-2, RGD
Mack EO-O PP, EO-N, EO-M Plus
Cummins CES 20081
Caterpillar ECF-3
Deutz DQC IV-10LA