New Vehicle Buyers Want The Deal Now

Good Vehicle Deal More Important Than Salesman buyer_BWS6496Waiting For Newest Model

(Source: AutoTrader.Com)

How important is it to shoppers to get the latest redesign of a new vehicle?

According to recent data from the Trend Engine, the answer among a majority of shoppers is: not very important.

The latest survey shows 57 percent of shoppers do not feel that it is important to have the latest redesign.

An even larger majority (79 percent) would rather take advantage of a good deal on the current model instead of delaying their purchase for the newest design.

“From computers to phones to TVs and even cars, the next ‘new’ release seems to be always just around the corner, making it harder for people to have the latest and greatest for very long, ” says Rick Wainschel, vice president of automotive insights at

“In that environment, especially with such a large purchase as a car, many consumers seem to feel that good is good enough, particularly if it will save them some green.”

Today’s vehicle buyers are very savvy, too.

According to the survey 47 percent feel that it is important to be aware of upcoming redesigns, and 56 percent actively research upcoming designs.

However, they are likely using this information to get a good deal on the current model.

While these stats may be disconcerting for OEMs who invest significant time and money into redesigning their vehicles, there is a good lesson to be learned.

“Automakers will have to tell a holistic and compelling story about what is new and improved in order to have the best chance of convincing shoppers that the new design is truly worth waiting for,” says Wainschel.

Photo: Bruce W. Smith/ProPickup Magazine