Duramax Reprogrammed

Hypertech Dyno’s Big Red  

Dec. 4, 2012

Odometer: 135,563

Topped off the Transfer Flow fuel tank: 26.1 gallons (9.3mpg) running 68-72mph all the way. 

Now I’m watching the Hypertech techs strap Big Red to their Superflow dyno. They had to remove the outside rear wheels so it’d fit on the rollers.

John Lambert, who head’s up the company’s R& D, says our truck is the biggest vehicle they’ve ever ran on the dyno. It does look impressive.

Eager to see what the stock numbers show and how much the tune does to the power curve.

Another note: About a third of my drive up was in the dark, on some curvy two-lane with some heavy fog in places. Used the IPF Dual Beam lights a lot–wonderful lights that really help ease the driving in those situations.

The Dual-Beams are a welcome upgrade as are the PIAA fog lights in the Fab Fours bumper.–Bruce Smith/Editor