Schaeffer 9000 Synthetic Oil

Schaeffer Synthetic Oil extends engine life

Schaeffer Manufacturing has formulated a fully synthetic high-quality engine oil, Supreme 9000 Full Synthetic Engine Oil, in order to extend engine life, extend drain intervals and improve fuel economy and power.

Supreme 9000 Full Synthetic Engine Oil is available in grades SAE 5W-30 (SM/CF) for gas and diesel engines, SAE 5W-40 (SM/CJ-4) for diesel engines requiring API CJ-4 specification, including low-emission certified and those equipped with EGR and DPF systems, and SAE 5W-50 for racing applications.

This family of engine oils is formulated with specialized, proprietary additives proven to reduce friction, lower engine temperatures and improve efficiency.

The Supreme 9000 Full Synthetic Engine Oils are also engineered for superior cold-cranking and oil pumpability at low temperatures, as well as excellent resistance to thermal degradation at high temperatures. Better pumpability means more protection at start-up and under extreme loads and temperature conditions.

According to Schaeffer, controlled fleet and dyno tests showed Supreme 9000 Full Synthetic Engine Oil 5W-40, averages up to three percent better fuel economy versus major brand synthetic blends.

When calculated with oil cost, filter and labor savings, the company says Schaeffer Supreme 9000 yields an average of $1,800 per truck per year savings. Contact: Schaeffer Manufacturing.

(Founded in 1839, Schaeffer manufactures specialized synthetic oils, fuel additives and other products for the construction, trucking, agriculture, marine, mining and high-performance racing industries. The company has developed an expansive line of innovative products and additives which reduce fuel consumption, improve mileage, extend efficiency and lessen energy costs for the consumer. Now in its third century of business and recognized as the oldest oil company in the United States, Schaeffer Manufacturing has remained a family-owned operation since its inception. Recently, Schaeffer Manufacturing was named to the distinguished INC 5000 list. For complete details, visit