Red-letter Grabber

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General Grabber Red-Letter A/T

The General is back — and with new tire designs. The leader of Continental Tire’s  pickup performance pack is the new Grabber, and the red-letter all-terrain version is the hottest of the lot.

We shod our Big Boss Ram 2500 4×4 diesel with a set of 12.50x35s and will be doing a long road test as it traverses the country showing up at trade shows and Ram dealers before being given away this coming April.

We’ll give you a full road test in a future article. But for now, take or word for it these are some of the sweetest all-terrain tires around and they excel in soft dirt, sand and light rock. After all, they were bred from Baja racing.

Tony Talbert, General Tire’s light-truck tire division manager, says “The critical point in designing the Grabber competition tire was we wanted to use technology that allowed the tire to excel in the most severe desert-racing conditions and be transferable to a streetable version.

“It has always been our goal in going racing,” says Talbert, “prior to offering an extreme traction tire to the general public, to develop the technology that was race-worthy and then introduce the street version of the tire with that same technology.”

And that’s exactly what General has provided with their red-letter Grabbers that are on the Big Boss.