Onboard air systems

VIAIR onboard air systems

VIAIR’s Onboard Air Systems make locating and installing all of the parts needed to make installing an onboard air system simple and efficient by including everything you need in one box.

By simply determining what tire size you have on your rig, and the basic needs you have for onboard air – you can choose one of eight different onboard air systems designed to make using small air tools, inflating tires and performing typical pneumatic tasks a snap.

Actuate air-locking differentials, operate high-volume air horns, air up your tires on the jobsite, inflate your motorcycle or sand toy tires with ease, or perform roadside repairs yourself using small air tools – VIAIR OBA systems are intended to accomplish it all.

Each system comes with everything you need including a compressor, air tank, fittings, pressure switch & relay, wiring, electrical parts, dash panel monitor, and other parts depending on the specific system.

Each kit comes with detailed instructions complete with tips for a flawless install.

For more information about Onboard Air Systems and many other pneumatic solutions, please contact VIAIR Corporation: 949-585-0011; www.viaircorp.com.