VIVID Android package

Superchips VIVID, Powered by the AndroidTM Operating System, Satisfies Your Need For Speed and A Whole Lot More

Superchips VIVID Performance Programmer Delivers More Tuning Capability,Vehicle Data, and Entertainment – All on a 4.3” Touch Screen

SANFORD, FL. – Superchips, Inc., the industry leading aftermarket tuning company, today unveiled the Superchips VIVID vehicle performance programmer at the 2010 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV.

The new in-cabin device includes a Bluetooth-enabled vehicle interface module coupled with the new ARCHOSTM 4.3” internet tablet powered by the Android 2.2 operating system.

The state-of-the-art Superchips Vivid is the first device of its type to successfully integrate today’s popular personal electronics with a full-featured performance tuning solution.

The key is the combination of Superchips’ tuning features and the Android operating system opening up a whole new world of possibilities. With the addition of a few inexpensive accessories, the Superchips VIVID will work as a GPS unit, backup camera monitor and much more.

“Just about a year ago, we recognized a technology convergence and made a commitment to bring the flexibility of Android to the automotive aftermarket industry,” said Tom Bennett, division president for Superchips. “The Superchips VIVID is the first truly integrated performance device that delivers vehicle performance, power, information and entertainment. We’re taking a huge leap forward incorporating Superchips’ tuning in an exceptional touch screen LCD delivering a user experience beyond anything available in the market today.”

The LCD hardware supply partner was another key to making this happen. ARCHOS, innovators in portable personal entertainment, was the best choice for the next generation of tuning products.

Bennett noted, “VIVID delivers tuning, gauges, diagnostics, web connectivity, data acquisition, and entertainment in one platform. The user experience has to meet extremely high consumer expectations and that’s why ARCHOS was selected as the preferred LCD partner. There is nothing else in the tuning market with the Superchips VIVID’s capabilities.”

The Superchips VIVID comes with a Bluetooth-enabled OBD-II module, a.k.a. dongle, connecting the LCD to the vehicle allowing the user to tune for additional horsepower, torque or fuel economy.

The dongle also makes it possible to use any of the pre-installed Superchips automotive apps, set advanced tuning features, and monitor internal engine parameters and display them in real time using the gauge suite.

The Superchips VIVID automatically recognizes your vehicle and will only show the features and options available to you.

Derek Catterfeld, new product development lead for Superchips added, “We designed the Superchips VIVID to leverage the Android Operating System’s innovation for an automotive application — to enable you to do even more with your car, truck or Jeep. We are breaking down barriers so that consumers can experience automotive performance tuning and monitoring the way it was meant to be, while enjoying the vast entertainment and software application benefits of the Android Operating System.”

Superchips VIVID is the most powerful device in the industry with a 1GHz processor and does more than tuning including high-speed web browsing; e-mail; social media integration; wireless connectivity; loads of memory; apps for pictures, music and video along with a host of unique Superchips apps such as Performance Tuning, Gauge Set, Maintenance Minder, Driving Coach, Inclinometer and G-Force Meter.

Superchips VIVID LCD is an industry leading 4.3-inch high-resolution screen for viewing gauges in clear detail, viewing videos or watching your favorite movie. The music and video capabilities let customers enjoy their favorite songs or capture spontaneous fun.

The device combines a camera, HD camcorder, as well as HDMI connectivity to download, stream and share personal content online via Facebook, YouTube, Picasa or Flickr or just enjoy them at home on your TV.

Pricing and Availability
Superchips VIVID will be available through local and chain automotive stores as well as through online retailers in Spring 2011. Customers can also opt for the Superchips AVID which will be available in Summer 2011. The Superchips AVID is a stand-alone dongle and software suite that installs on third-party Android devices including smart phones and web tablets.

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