Hobart multi-tool review

Product Review

Hobart Multi-Function Tool

by Bruce W. Smith

Hobart, well-known in the welding circles, has joined the ranks of multi-tool manufacturers with the introduction of the Hobart Multi-Function Tool. And like their welders, it’s one that functions as well as it looks.

This 15-function multi-tool fits the hand like a good pair of pliers, with just the right curve of the handles to be comfortable, and with the heft of a product that’s going to handle whatever task comes its way.

The body and tools are made from heavy-duty 420 Stainless Steel, which is the more durable of the stainless metals.The handles have big rubber pads that provide excellent grip even when your hand is wet or sweaty.

It contains all the typical tools including both flat and Phillips screwdrivers, scissors, knife, long-nosed pliers, saw, awl, and bottle/can opener.

Each tool locks solidly into place when opened, and there’s no slack or play when they are used, which adds to the level of confidence the Hobart is going to be around for a while.

Built-in LED light adds to the Hobart Multi-Function Tool's versatility.

Each step of opening it — from the initial pliers mode to one of the many different tools — results in a solid “click” as it locks into place.

I especially like the strong spring-loaded aspect of the  pliers, which keeps the jaws in the open-position until you squeeze down on the grips. A nice touch.

Another nice touch Hobart incorporated into this multi-tool is the inclusion of a built-in LED light at the end of the handle facing the open pliers jaws .

A tiny rubber button on the side of the grip next to the Hobard name switches the LED light on/off. The light is bright enough to use as a penlight when the tool is closed, too.

My take on the Hobart Multi-Function Tool is it’s a very good buy for $25, considering products of similar quality and function cost $5-$15 more. Contractors, construction workers, landscapers, and outdoorsmen will find this tool a handy belt companion.

Oddly enough, I couldn’t find them for sale on Hobart’s web site, but did find them on Amazon.com. The Multi-tool is also available at these chain stores: Tractor Supply Co., Atwoods, Granger, Northern Tool & Supply and Fleet Farm / Farm & Fleet.

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