Lithium-ion batteries

Lithionics offers lithium-ion batteries

A start-up company in Florida is diving into the lithium-ion battery market and hopes contractors and construction company owners will use them in place of conventional lead-acid batteries that have been used for decades.

Safety Harbor, Florida-based Lithionics Battery says their batteries have several advantages over lead-acid types, including longer life, lighter weight, and a steadier, stronger power delivery that could lengthen the life of components like starters and alternators because they wouldn’t have to work so hard.

Because their components are lighter, Lithionics says their car batteries average about 12 pounds apiece as opposed to the 40 pounds  the average lead-acid batteries weigh.

This weight-savings could easily shave several hundred pounds off pickups and equipment running multiple 12v and 6v battery systems. And, a company official said, they expect an average battery life of eight years–far longer than that of conventional lead-acid batteries.

No pricing has been set, but a Lithionics rep at SEMA said they are expecting a retail price of “under $1,000” when the batteries are ready to go on sale in a couple of weeks.