HID Work Lights

SYHD Series Illuminator® HID Work Lights

Superior Signals, Inc. has recently announced their new SYHD Series Illuminator® HID Work Lights.  This super-bright HID (High Intensity Discharge) work light comes with a H3 35 watt HID 12-24VDC Xenon bulb that draws only 3.5AMP @ 12V. 

The bulb provides a 3200 lumen, bright-white flood pattern with an almost daylight balance that makes it easier on the eye.  Rated life for the bulb is 3000 hours, bulbs are easily replaceable.

Designed for construction vehicles, tow trucks, forklifts, utility vehicles and general purpose lighting, the SYHD Series has two models available.

Model SYHD5000 is a compact unit with a 3.5” x 4” lens.  The SYHD5200 is slightly larger with a 5” x 5” lens and heavy-duty mount.  Both are vibration resistant and feature a tough black plastic housing, with a Borosilicate toughened glass lens, stainless steel mounting hardware and internal integrated ballast. Contact: Superior Signals; (800) 447-3693