Painless Performance's 30140 F5 dual fan controller

Painless Performance 30140 F5 dual fan controllerImprove your performance with Painless Performance’s F5 Dual Fan Controller, which uses pulse width modulation and MOSFET circuitry to operate two 35-amp electric cooling fans. The user sets the temperature at which the fans activate and temperature at which the fans runs at 100 percent speed.  When the starting temperature is reached the fans start at 50 percent speed. The fan speed increases as the engine temperature increases, until the fans reach 10 percent speed.  This design reduces the sudden load on the charging and electrical system that occurs if both fans turn on at 100 percent power.

The F5 also includes an input to the A/C system to activate both fans at 100 percent power anytime the A/C is running. There is also an input for a vehicle speed sensor that will shut off the fans at a user set speed when there is no need for the fans to run at highway speeds. The kit also includes a manual override that will allow you to run the fans full on or shut off.  The kit includes all necessary wiring, connectors and a temperature sensor.

Painless Performance also offers the P/N 30141 F5 Single Fan Controller, which operates the same as the 30140 but controls a single 70-amp fan.