Gamber-Johnson's Mag 31 Dock

Gamber-Johnson Mag 31 DockSimplify docking with Gamber-Johnson’s Mag docking station for the Panasonic Toughbook 31 computer, which allows for one-handed docking and undocking. To dock, insert the computer into the docking station and pull the front handle to the left. Undocking is also made easy – push the key lock button to release and undock the computer. A standard key lock offers added security.

Construction from a magnesium shell, the Mag 31 Dock features a high strength to weight ratio of all metals, improving mounting performance, reducing vibration and minimizing wear and tear on the computer. The magnesium also dissipates heat that could otherwise damage the Toughbook. A molded design reduces the number of parts for a lower cost, and forward facing ports offer low mounting capability and minimizes the strain on cables.