Extreme High-Performance Multi-Purpose Grease

Prolong High-Performance Grease Ideal For Trailers

Prolong Super Lubricant’s new Extreme High Performance EP-2 Multi-Purpose Grease is a next-generation grease engineered to provide long-lasting lubrication and surface protection in the harshest of conditions.

Formulated to withstand extreme pressure, Prolong’s EP-2 Grease is ideal for marine applications because it resists water wash out and helps prevent rust, corrosion and oxidation.  The product, which features a high load-carrying capability, is designed to perform over a wide temperature range.

“We have developed our EP-2 Grease using a premium formula that clings well, which eliminates the need to re-pack wheel bearings after trailers have been submerged in fresh or salt water,” said Jeff Victer, Domestic/International Sales Manager, Prolong.  “The grease is also compatible for use in the bottom of boats where traditional silicone-based grease is used around valves, or in the engine compartment near outlets where cooling water goes in and out.”

Prolong’s EP-2 Grease is available in 14 oz. tubes, which can be used in any standard cartridge loading grease gun.  Commercial- and industrial-sized applications are also available.

Contact: Prolong, www.prolong.com;  800.540.5823