Zone Offroad Products' 4-inch suspension lift kit

Zone Offroad Products 4-inch kitLift your Super Duty with Zone Offroad’s 4-inch lift kit, designed for both diesel and gas 2011 Ford Super Duty F250s and F350s. Available with hydraulic or nitrogen gas charged shocks, the system also features a 1 1/2-inch solid steel track bar with high durometer urethane bushings and gusseted ends to keep your axle in check. Diesel and gas specific coils ensure consistent ride height, as well as providing a comfortable ride. Quarter-inch steel radius arm drop brackets maintain factory alignment and handling.

Sway bar drops brackets and bump stop extensions are included, and a 5-inch rear block includes a bump stop pad. Offset pins in the blocks and a u-bolt plate offset the axle forward so the tires align properly in the wheel wells. Net lift gain varies on the size of the factory block, and a carrier bearing shim kit is available for trucks with a rear two piece driveshaft.