Long-Range Headsets


New Bluetooth 2.0 Headsets reach 5Xs farther than tradition headsets; add 2-Way walkie-talkie feature

Those who rely upon their mobile phones and computers for voice communication with clients can step up to the newest technology with the Onyx and Vetro, two next generation Bluetooth headsets from Callpod.

The Onyx ($69) and Vetro ($100)  Bluetooth® headsets both offer a 164-foot operating range, which allows users to extend the boundaries of traditional headsets. It allows users to roam around the home, office or job site without being tethered to their cell phone.

The Onyx and Vetro can also simultaneously connect to your PC or Mac for Skype® calls, allowing you to switch between your computer and mobile phone with a press of a button.

In addition, the headsets have advanced dual-mic noise suppression™, which allows callers on the other end of the call to enjoy a strong clear voice even if the user is in the truck, shop, restaurant or at the office.

The Onyx and Vetro can be used with other Vetro, Onyx or Dragon V2 headsets for two-way or push-to- talk communication over a 84,000+ sq ft space.

The new headsets takes about 3 hours to fully charge via USB port or outlet and provides up to 5 hours talk time and over 120 hours on standby.

To learn more go to www.callpod.com/technology.