Swiveling trailer coupler

Couplemate  Extreme “Off Road Coupler”

Couplemate Trailer Parts has just  released  its new Australian Extreme “Off Road Coupler,” which is unique to the market: The new coupler design technology allows the trailer to oscillate with the terrain without affecting the towing vehicle.

“Under normal driving conditions, couplers will pull straight and true, but once you go off road, things can get a little trickier and sometimes even dangerous,” says North American Sales Manager Laurie Pedrick.

The Off Road Coupler features a highly versatile 360-degree rotation and 70-degree vertical oscillation, which maximizes the range of movement, while providing the critical stability factor necessary for rough, off road expeditions. Maximum trailer weight is 4,400 pounds.

The Off Road Coupler is now in stock at the company’s North American warehouse and retail distribution is available for order at www.couplematetrailerparts.com.