Aussie trailer coupler

Couplemate Trailer Parts Launches New Extreme “Off Road Coupler” to North American Market


July 7, 2010, Reno, NevadaThe North American headquarters of Couplemate Trailer Parts has just announced the U.S. and Canadian release of its new Australian Extreme “Off Road Coupler” which it forecasts will have similar stellar sales success as has been experienced on other continents.

According to North American Sales Manager Laurie Pedrick, the Off Road Coupler is unique to the market in that it allows trailer owners to take full advantage of new coupler design technology so they can discover exciting remote locations that may have been previously inaccessible.

“Under normal driving conditions, couplers will pull straight and true, but once you go off road, things can get a little trickier and sometimes even dangerous,” said Pedrick.

“The innovative design of our new Off Road Coupler features a highly versatile 360 degree rotation and 70 degree vertical oscillation, which maximizes the range of movement, while providing the critical stability factor necessary for rough, off road expeditions. We believe this brilliant new addition to our line will be a big hit for families and outdoor enthusiasts who like to pursue thrilling adventures and access more challenging destinations.”

Primarily designed for the camping, hunting and small boat fishing markets, the Off Road Coupler is rated at 4,400 pounds and can easily be welded or bolted into position.

It is now in stock at the company’s North American warehouse and retail distribution is available for order at The company is also seeking new retail outlets and distribution channels; for information, contact Pedrick at (775) 219 7708.

Couplemate Trailer Parts is now corporately represented in the U.S. and Canada, and is no longer affiliated with, or distributed by, Durasafe, Inc. or Kickerfish Industries. Durasafe also no longer sells or represents the original Couplemate Trailer Hitch, also known as “The Marriage Saver.”

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