Blade Runner Intercooler Boosts Ford 6.4L Power

Owners of Ford Super Duties equipped with the V8-6.4L Power Stroke can get a big drop in engine heat and a boost in performance with the new Blade Runner intercoolr from advanced FLOW engineering (aFe Power), an industry leader in performance intakes, filters, manifolds and exhaust systems.

The Blade Runner intercooler (#46-20071) for the 2008-10 Ford Super Duty with the V8-6.4L Power Stroke utilizes a 3.15″ bar-and-plate design that is 15% larger than the competitors and outflows OE style tube-and-fin core designs by 74%.

The unique Bladerunner end tanks are constructed out of 3/16′ TIG welded aluminum plate tanks that incorporate three multi-directional vanes that efficiently direct air flow through the entire core for maximum coolin

This design results in quicker and more measurable heat dissipation. In recent testing the Blade Runner intercooler ($1,465) produced a 200-degree temperature drop at the intercooler and a 100-degree EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) drop as well as increasing air flow by 74% over stock. It’s an ideal upgrade for heavy towing applications.

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