CUMMINS-POWERED FORDS Offers F-Series Super Duty Re-powering Parts

Kalispell, MT – Ford Super Duty owners no longer have to replace problematic 6.0L and 6.4L Power Stroke engines with more of the same — or sell the vehicle and possibly take on truck payments, higher insurance, more-expensive registration, and fewer street-legal aftermarket performance options. offers the parts and expertise to upgrade these Super Dutys to Cummins diesel power. The engine that saved Dodge trucks from extinction, the 5.9L Cummins six-cylinder diesel is renowned for its tough-to-kill durability, towing power, and 20 MPG economy. The engine also enjoys a thriving performance aftermarket. offers conversion components for all three 5.9L Cummins models: 12-valve, 24-valve, and Common Rail. Parts are also available individually. These include transmission adapters, transmission controllers, bolt-in motormount sets, gauge adapters, and modified wiring harnesses.

The conversion kits range in price from $1,900-$3,600 depending on which model Cummins engine is to be used, the year of the Super Duty, and type of transmission. also provides comprehensive tech support to walk both shops and mechanically inclined do-it-yourselfers through the conversion. Savvy Ford dealers even perform swaps to give their customers increased fuel economy, better pulling power, and enduring durability.

To provide an overview of the process, has Installation Manuals for do-it-yourselfers who want to attempt the swap themselves instead of shipping their vehicles to the company’s shop in Montana. One manual covers Navistar-diesel and gas-powered 1969-97 F-trucks, full-sized SUVs, and E-series vans; a second manual is for 1999-current pickups and Excursions. An instructional video is currently in production.

Cummins conversion components are also available for Hummers and Chevy trucks and SUVs. sells rebuilt Cummins engines and aftermarket performance upgrades, too. For more information, please contact, 406.755.8878,, [email protected].